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Can I change my booking?
Yes, we now have a change section on our website. You will need to enter your booking receipt number, email address and surname the booking was made under to bring up your booking. You can then search for your new dates and confirm instantly.

Can I purchase an open return ticket?
If you are unsure of your return date you can purchase an open return ticket. Please contact our reservation centre on 1300 65 65 46 to organise your journey.

How many people do we need for a group booking?
A discount applies to bookings of 10 adults and over. You can make the booking as normal on our website and it will automatically work out the discount for you.

How do I receive the tickets?
When you complete your online booking you will automatically receive an email with a link to print off your tickets. If you lose your ticket you can reprint it by entering your booking receipt number in the change/retrieve section on this home page.

What is the Resort Entry?
Everyone that goes to Hotham needs to pay the national park fee. We collect it as it makes it easier than having all 50 passengers paying getting off the coach and paying separately. For charges please go to the Timetables and rates section.

What luggage am I allowed to take?
2 suitcases, skis/snowboard, and a pair of boots as well as a small bag to take on board. Any extra luggage needs to be pre arranged and will be charged. Please contact Snowball Express 1300 65 65 46. Drivers have the right to refuse excess luggage.

Can I take give Snowball Express freight to take up to Mt. Hotham?
We do take freight for a fee depending on the day and service. Please call the reservation centre on 1300 65 65 46 to arrange.

Can I cancel my ticket?
You can cancel your ticket but there are conditions, which are as follows:
Cancellation more than 14 days prior to departure – 50% of fare refunded
Please Note: If you have made any changes to your booking the cancellation conditions are - No Refund
Cancellation less than 14 days prior to departure – no refund
Failure to travel without notifying the Snowball Express office – no refund
Cancellation or not using of part of your ticket – no refund

Can I use my ticket next season?
No, Snowball Express tickets are only valid for current season. Failure to use your ticket in the current season makes it null and void.

Where can I purchase a ticket?
We have a number of agents that can sell you a ticket.

What happens if there is no snow on Mt Hotham?
If there are fewer than 3 lifts operating at Hotham, due to lack of snow, 2. days prior to travel, you can elect to either postpone your booking (tickets valid for current season only) or cancel your booking and receive a full refund. This snow cancellation operates in conjunction with the Mt Hotham Ski Lift Company deciding 2 days before you arrive the number of lifts available.

The carriage of illegal drugs, smoking and the consumption of alcohol in the coach is not permitted



Where does the bus depart from?
The Snowball Express stops at the following:

MELBOURNE CITY - Coach departs Southern Cross Station Coach Terminal from Bus Bay number 58
(bus bay number will show on your ticket), formally called Spencer Street Station, facilities
include under cover bus bays/lockers/toilets/limited car parking.

MELBOURNE AIRPORT - Coach departs “Purple Direct Bus Zone”. Our driver is unable to leave coach at
any time. Passengers please keep your mobile phone on in case our driver needs to contact you. Your
flight must arrive no later than 30 minutes before the coach departure time.

ALBURY AIRPORT – Coach departs outside arrivals

ALBURY RAILWAY STATION –Coach departs from bus bay in carpark

MYRTLEFORD - Coach departs near the Myrtleford Post Office at the V-Line Bus Stop located on The
Great Alpine Road (stop/change over for Falls Creek Coach Service).

BRIGHT - Coach departs out the front of the Alpine Hotel at the V-Line Bus Stop near the main
round-a-bout. Approx. 40-minute drive to base of Mt Hotham.

HARRIETVILLE - Coach departs from Hoys A Frame Ski Shop. Only stop that provides security car
parking. Harrietville is located on the base of the mountain – it is NOT on Mt Hotham, 1 hour drive
up the mountain.

HOTHAM TOURIST LOUNGE - Central location of Mt Hotham. Undercover waiting area, passengers
travelling to Dinner Plain disembark at Hotham Tourist Lounge for shuttle bus transport to Dinner

ARLBERG - For passengers arriving and departing staying at Arlberg, Fountains, Alpine Haven, 1750
and Razorback.

SPIRAL STAIRS - For passengers arriving and departing for Spiral Stairs, Blue Ribbon, Apea, Ormond,
Aardvark and University Ski Lodges.

BIG D - Located near the General Store. For passengers arriving and departing from the northern end
of the Davenport Village such as Kalyna, Koomerang, Asgaard, Tantani and Karnulurra Ski Lodges and
the Pearse Apartments.

JACK FROST - The central stop for the Davenport Village which includes all lodges except the ones
named above and below and the commercial apartments of Karoondah, Sun, Rangers and Lachen.

LANGI TAAN - The southern stop for Lodges including Langi-Taan, Rodondo, Tanderra, Ettamogah,
Nindethana, Eiger, Eumarellah, The Lodge, Vagabond and Bembooka Ski Lodges. This is also the place to get off if staying in Moritz Apartments.

DINNER PLAIN - Passengers to & from Dinner Plain transfer onto the Snowball Express Coach at Hotham Tourist Lounge.
Dinner Plain bus stop is (Onsen Spa, Big Muster Drive)

Will the Driver/Coach wait if my plane is delayed?
Unfortunately, our coach and driver are under strict time restrictions and as such cannot wait for passengers should your plane be delayed. It is recommended that as soon as you land at Melbourne Airport, to have your mobile phone switched on, as the driver has a list of all passenger’s mobile numbers for that coach departure. However, should your plane arrive when our coach is ready to leave, you will need to contact Snowball Express (PH: 1300 65 65 46 – phone number on e-ticket) and organise to catch the next available coach.

Will there be a meal stop on the way up to Mt. Hotham?
We cannot guarantee that there will be a meal stop. However, if the coach is running on time there will be a break of 15 –30 minutes in Myrtleford.

Is there a toilet on the bus?
Our coaches are 50 - 56 seat with TV, heated + toilet equipped. The seats recline with ample leg room. If the coach has no restroom our driver will make comfort stops.

Do we have to change over buses?

  • If you are travelling on a ā€œPā€ service, there will be a connection with a Falls Creek Coach at the Myrtleford bus stop. Please ask your driver for further details.
  • Dinner Plain travellers must take the very next connecting Dinner Plain Shuttle after disembarking from the Snowball Express at the Hotham Tourist Lounge.
  • In the event of mechanical breakdowns
  • Other unforeseen circumstances unbeknown to us


Where can I rent my ski gear from?
Off the mountain:
In Bright - Bright Ski Centre & JD's Ski Hire In Harrietville - Hoys Skis & Security Car Park
On Mt. Hotham: Hoys Skis

Conditions of Contract


The operators of this service, Snowball Express, and/or associated agent and/ coordinator for the airline companies, bus or train operators, hotel, motel or innkeepers and do not assume any responsibility for loss, damage, injury, accident, sickness or delay or other inconvenience to passengers incurred on or in connection with any of the aforementioned services or caused by acts of war, terrorism, civil riot, national disturbance or act of nature.

The passenger contract in use by the aforementioned services shall constitute the sole contract between the purchases of this tour and/or passenger and the aforementioned services. All tickets, deposit tickets, coupons and orders are furnished and issued subject in all respect to the terms and conditions shown thereon such owners, operators, public carriers, managing agents or agents and providers of service shall be exempt from all liability in respect to or connection with the detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury however, or by whosever, caused and whatever kind occurring of or to the passenger and/or purchaser of the tour at any time when the said passenger and/or purchaser is not on board a carrier or conveyance used or operated by them,

Snowball Express, its associates or agents while taking every care with passenger's luggage or property, shall not accept any liability for damage, loss or inconvenience in the handling thereof. Snowball Express, reserves the right to alter, amend, or cancel any of the arrangements contained in the itineraries.

All prices are based on tariffs and exchange rates current at the time of printing and are subject to alteration without notice.

No responsibility is taken for failure to connect with other transport services or for unused accommodation charges or for any other inconvenience or expense imposed due to coaches being delayed whilst travelling to or on high altitude roads



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